Masks: Birth of Heroes

Gen 2.5 Session 8

Ember and Bilcer spent the night working to get the ship ready to go save Mikkel. Scarlet attempted to set up shifts to watch over their prisoner. Anansi helps, but he spends the night ruminating over the situation with Blue and Ember. Ares went out to procure a new Demo Kids Car — a Volkswagon Golf that is red with sports stripes stolen from a pizza joint, because delivery drivers leave their keys in the ignition. After she comes back, she falls asleep in the guard duty chair.

The next morning, Anansi is the first to awaken. He checks on the prisoner first, then goes to make breakfast. Fortunately, the Hammer remembered to get some eggs this time. Scarlet is up next and asks what his plan with the grandchild is. He confesses to being lost on that, as he isn’t sure how to get her back. Ember walks into the conversation in the middle of Anansi saying that he won’t let Blue kill Ember. The trio discuss the merits of runny eggs and wake up the nearby Ares.

The Hammer comes in with a very serious expression on his face and shows them a news report of a helicopter looking down on a building. The building is obviously messed up. The report starts to mention strange-looking humanoid shape-shifters that tore apart the building to reveal a strange, multi-dimensional object inside and a body. Anansi immediately jumps to the conclusion that it was probably Apollo they’ve abducted, so Ember runs outside to get Bilcer to help them.

Scarlet enlists Anansi’s help to pull up Apollo’s location (thanks to the Greek Gods’ map) on their computer. Anansi takes a moment to inform the Hammer about Blue. He tells Anansi that he’s only asking for trouble. Anansi knows. Cross-referencing the Apollo map with Google maps, they learn that Apollo is currently in an old abandoned structure in the docks.

After a discussion about whether they should take the ship or the new car, they decide to take the car just in case the aliens try to get their hands on the ship again. Ares’s driving leaves them a bit frazzled, but they all make it in one piece.

Scarlet flies up to scope out the building from the air. She can catch glimpses through the many holes that a structure has been built inside from assorted gadgets and gizmos. Hanging in the middle of this big circle is a body with his arms and legs extended. She relays what she sees, and, when Ember says their priority needs to be getting Apollo out of that bizarre machine that does God-knows-what, she charges in.

Inside, a few of the aliens are fluidly moving back and forth between multiple consoles and have wrapped around each other and the glowing machine in weird ways. As she gets closer, she can see wires inside Apollo’s body. Scarlet tries to blast the device with her powers to free him from the ring. She’s able to break the ring to keep him out of immediate danger.

Ares teleports to the hole in the roof, then jumps down into the building. She creates an illusion to make it seem like Apollo gets up and runs away, and then she runs over to help him…or tries to, anyway. The aliens are momentarily distracted, but then spot Ares and stretch out around her. She freaks out. Understandably.

Scarlet tells the rest of the team that she has disabled the ring thing, and then she charges in to save Ares. The other alien turns into a wall to block her approach, so she clobbers it. It wraps around her too and starts suffocating her as she punches it from the inside. After a few good blows, it releases her and shoots up along the wall away from the group.

Bilcer recognizes the tech as a sampler to gather genetic material like a computer. It is not humane. At all.

Ember tells Anansi to go kick the alien’s ass and rescue Ares. He tries to use his power mimicry to make the alien “ungel” to rescue her. The effect, however, is to make him chronally unstable, causing him to exist in two timelines simultaneously. He starts to flicker.

As Ember runs over, she tells Bilcer to fly in and help Apollo. She charges up and raises a fiery wall around them. Bilcer does so and learns that the aliens are filling him with chronal particles in order to better study him ever as they remove genetic material from his body. Bilcer tries to call the Olympians to come to their rescue as they work on freeing Apollo. As the wires come free, they start to seek out someone else to bury themselves into. The wires plug into Bilcer, and the residual chronal particles flow into Bilcer and start to screw with their system. Their body starts to shift into weird shapes and starts to rebuild itself using the parts of the machine.

Ares is a little disoriented and freaked out, so she creates an illusion of the Olympians arriving. (Hera calls them time dweebs.) They are the “Faux-lympians.” Most of the aliens flee, except for the one that is a puddle, because he’s a puddle. Scarlet smashes after them to break the glowing device, but they are able to capture her atomic signature to allow them to replicate her powers and track her.

Scarlet returns to the party to announce her stunning success. Bilcer demands to know what she means she broke the device, because Apollo just sacrificed everything to help them. Bilcer is receiving commands from the device demanding he get a sample. That’s probably not good. They suck up the blood from Apollo’s wounds.

And, meanwhile, Anansi is flickering in and out of this timestream, and he is starting to see some pretty strange things. He tries to stablize himself using Bilcer’s powers. They help by infusing him with some weird tech and Ember helps by grounding him in reality with her power. His last vision is of a room with control panels and monitors. It looks dusty and cracked. Suddenly, there is a guy that bursts in and runs straight towards him yelling “Don’t—!” And then he cuts out. Ember and Bilcer can see this too.

The group piles back into the car (save Bilcer and Scarlet who fly). Bilcer peels off en route to deliver Apollo’s samples to their ship. At the Library, Ares pulls the fire alarm to get everyone outside to allow them to get Apollo inside unseen. Scarlet yells for assistance once they get to Olympus. Hera appears with a flutter of wings. She demands to know what happened and then berates them for their stupid human excuses when they tell her they weren’t really sure how he was kidnapped. Peacock feathers lift Apollo up and carry him to a nearby pool. A faint shimmer appears around him that start to close his wounds. She somehow manages to conjure up a thank you, then berates them (again) for not knowing where the aliens went. She turns on Ares and tells her that it’s her time as the God of War. She claps her hands, and a war chariot pulled by four fire-breathing horses appears. (Scarlet tries to interject and tell Hera that she doesn’t need a stupid chariot — Ares single-handedly saved the day today! Hera looms over her and lectures her about how she is insignificant, etc.) She turns back to Ares and tells her that she needs to slay the enemy, etc. Ares accepts the quest, because “it must be done.”

Bilcer returns to their ship and summons their people to claim their sample.



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