Masks: Birth of Heroes

Gen 2.5 Session 6

The last media portrayal of the group has actually been pretty positive. The media have been calling them “The Demo Kids.” Nobody likes it. The media have also pointed out that the New Exemplars did not show up to fight the molemen. In fact, they haven’t been seen since the incident.

Cricket, meanwhile, has been in contact with Ares to ask for her help in “freeing technology that has been unlawfully imprisoned” in the base of the New Exemplars. He is asking for Ares’s help specifically, but he wouldn’t mind the help of the whole team.

Bilcer’s ship is largely repaired since the incident. They’ve been sabotaging the ship to keep it from repairing certain subsystems. For a brief second, it connects to the future — and Bilcer picks up a distress call from the advisor. He’s screaming for help and looks to be in pain. Bilcer rushes the footage back inside, where he finds Scarlet and Anansi playing on the Wii. He brings up the footage, and although they can’t remember who this person is, they know he’s important. Ares thinks this is a bad idea, because Ares definitely remembers who that is! Ares tells them that this is the person who fileted her. There is a brief argument over whether or not they should help him if that’s the case. As they are arguing, the ship partially reconnects, and a warbly version of the advisor appears. All they can really make out is “help”, “unstable”, and “need bloodline.” Ember points out that something bigger and badder might be attacking him, so they should help before it turns on them, so Bilcer finishes the connection. The advisor is overjoyed and says they’ll be right there.

There is a reality shift near Bilcer’s ship that they can pick up, and they can hear the advisor’s voice asking where Bilcer is. Scarlet suggests they let Bilcer talk to them, since they clearly know who they are, and the rest of them should hide around the junkyard. Ember says she thinks they should go with Bilcer, so Ares shifts into Ember and follows them out. The advisor is happy to see Bilcer and says they need to stabilize the timeline — and they’ll be happy to help Bilcer get their memory back later. Ember interrupts to demand who the fuck they are, and they decide she’s irrelevant, so they go back to grilling Bilcer about needing bloodlines. Bilcer vaguely remembers — but not really. Ares asks if this means they’ll be erased from time…and is pretty much ignored. The advisor says they need to get Bilcer to the ship.

Ares throws a twinkie at him. It bounces off of him, and when he pokes it with his foot, a bit of cream bursts out…and then Ember makes the cream grow into a nightmarish, sticky substance that holds him in place. The advisor expands outwards to break the cream filling as Bilcer is reluctantly led away. Ares teleports over to one of the guys leading Bilcer away. She knocks him over, and he splashes to the ground, then grows back up growing all sorts of weird eyes and things…and as he does, he tells Bilcer (in weird alien-talk) that this is one of the ones from the bloodline. He starts reaching for Ares. Coming outside, Scarlet sees him reaching out, and she fires a blast of energy at him to knock him away. The blast hits, and then the guy turns the same color as Scarlet’s energy signature and starts to grow. Anansi does a bunch of unnecessary flips to get between Ares and the big glowy guy. The advisor asks if Bilcer’s associating with villains, and Bilcer tries to explain that they’re the good guys. The future-aliens don’t care.

Ares grabs the advisor’s hand and teleports away. With the arm. Ember, meanwhile, turns the ship into a toy…which back-fires in that all of the future people are connected to the ship…and it’s suddenly not there. Bilcer falls to their knees and cradles the ship with a sob. Ember informs them she saved them, and Bilcer turns on her and starts screaming insults at her. Ember is confused — because she just saved Ember, right?

There is a flurry of communication between them, and then they form a single entity. They fly off. Before they go, the advisor tells Bilcer they’ll be back for them once they find a way home.

Bilcer warns Ares that she should warn her people. Ember also points out that they should warn the Hammer, so the kids pile into the Demokar (because that’s a thing apparently) to track him down at his autobody shop. At the shop, which has a clever name nobody could think of, the Hammer heads over to greet the kids. They drop the news on him, and he escorts them to somewhere more private. The conversation descends into bickering over whether Ember was right to turn the ship into a toy. Ares and Scarlet point out that Ember wouldn’t have had to turn the ship into a toy if Bilcer had helped themselves. Hammer turns his attention to Ares and tells her they need to warn the Pantheon. Apparently Mt Olympus is in a library — again. Ares warns them that the Pantheon will be every bit as dismissive. The Hammer will see if he can figure out where they went — and, fortunately, Ares hsa a sample! And it’s pretty gross by now.

The group head to the library, where the only entrance is through a stall in the men’s bathroom. The decor is very “old world” — stormy sky, giant columns, reclining couches, statues everywhere that move periodically to show off their anatomy. Hermes zips right up to greet them. Ares introduces them and calls out the fact Bilcer is probably an enemy, but they’re trying to reform them. Bilcer yells at her, and Ares steps in front of her defensively. Hermes tells Ares that she’s probably going to be in huge trouble bringing three mortals here — because clearly Anansi is a god. Clearly. In sharing the threat, Hermes tells them they need to go tell Hera, but the mortals should show proper supplication.

There is a semi-circle of chairs for the gods. The kids notice that the one meant for Hepheastus is smashed. Ares teleports up to her chair and brings Ember with her. Hera holds up a hand to call for silence. She demands to know why Ares brought mortals to Mount Olympus and tells her what a fuck up she is. Ember tries to defend Ares, and Hera says the mortals are not allowed to speak in her presence. Ares tells her that it’s a shame, because Ember and Bilcer know the most about the situation…and Hera reluctantly repeals her decree. The kids explain (poorly) the situation. Scarlet blurts out that they already almost killed Ares…of course. Hera also seems unimpressed Ares claims Anansi is a god. Hera says they know where Apollo is and that he’s being watched over, and Athena brings up a visual of him sitting in a cell.

Scarlet and Anansi tell Hera that they’ll spring him if Hera tells them where they’re holding him. She tells them that the gods do not interfere in the affairs of mortals…but she will allow it if they pledge themselves to her. They agree — some more enthusiastically than others. She gives them a map, then pulls out 4 peacock feathers. Hera tells them to turn around. When they do, the peacock feathers fly forth and burrow into their backs, leaving peacock tattoos. Apparently they’re owned by Olympus now. Ares says she’s too weak to take down the enemies of Olympus herself, so Hera should give them weapons to help them. Hera’s plan is four the kids to find the future people. Once they draw them out, the gods will arrive to smite them. Also, Ares is supposed to stay behind, because Hera doesn’t trust them. When Ember protests, Athena points her spear at her, and Ember backs down. Ares pretty much ignores the order to stay put and strides out.

Ares tells Ember that she’s glad she’s team leader, because Ember can help them figure out what to do. Anansi tries to weigh in (awkwardly). As they leave the library, there’s a blue-clad figure with a giant gun at the base of the stairs. From the helmet, the figure orders them to step away from Ember.



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