Masks: Birth of Heroes

Gen 2.5 Session 5

A week has passed since the last session. In the meantime, Apollo reached out to Ember and asked her to take care of Ares, who is joining the team. Most of the team has been keeping a low profile, but Scarlet did venture out to try and be a hero. When she did, the Aegis agents appeared in a swarm and drove her back into hiding. The Hammer has been seemingly more cognizant of the danger the kids are in, so he has been doing his best to keep the kids under wraps as well. Anansi tried to sneak out to help Scarlet, but he was stopped by the Hammer, who told Anansi his brother would be alive if he had just listened to him. Anansi died a little inside.

Ares has left the hospital (in her hospital gown) after learning that General Honeycomb was on her way to see her. Ember and Anansi ventured out to bring her to the Junkyard while Bilcer got her room ready.

On move-in day, Ares pulls in in a stolen car with the speakers blaring LMFAO. Ember and Anansi are waiting for her. Bilcer is lounging somewhere nearby, and Scarlet is coming back from patrol. She offers the keys to Ember, because it’s a team car now. Ember is excited. Scarlet returns just in time to hear Ares ask if she’s radioactive. The group heads inside with Ares’s things (Anansi is the one carrying everything) and introduce her to Hammer, who is old and crotchety, as usual.

Bilcer’s ship notifies them that there’s some sort of chronal shift. The screens all light up and sirens start to blare at the base at the same time. Most of the team head towards the conference room, while Anansi goes to his room to change. The screen is showing helicopters at the center of the city, where a giant crystalline structure is rising up from the asphalt. It’s glowing and crackling with energy. Small, weird creatures are crawling all over it — mole people! There are also four mole rancors on the ground at the base of the structure. Usually, the mole people declare war or intention before an attack, so it’s very unusual for them not to do it. Hammer comes in and asks why they’re still sitting there. Ember points out their missing member, while Bilcer says their ship has some weird readings from the crystal on the top of the structure. The waves are extending throughout time and are having some really weird effects. Bilcer’s ship is also being messed up by the waves. When Ember gets excited about taking the car, the Hammer has a little freak out about why the kids have a car all of a sudden. They decide, sadly, not to take it, because they decide they need to break the crystal at the top…which requires somehow getting to the top. Scarlet and Bilcer fly there (and Scarlet carries Ember), and Anansi and Ares take Anansi’s bike.

On the way there, Scarlet tries to convince Ember that she can fly. Ember reluctantly agrees to let Scarlet give her flying lessons…but after this is done. Bilcer makes their arm into a shield to try and block the incoming blasts at Ember and Scarlet. As they do, there is another blast of wave of chronal energy from the crystal. It totally messes Bilcer up: they flicker and drop out of the air. Scarlet changes courses to save them; Ember changes her earrings into a glider that catches Bilcer and carries them to a nearby roof. However, in order to use it, she has to twist in Scarlet’s arms…and she soon slips out. She lands hard on a roof below and is unconscious. Scarlet drops down to check on her, and Anansi drives up the wall of the building to join them.

Once all together, Scarlet, Anansi, and Ares discuss a plan. Ares will make the mole rancors turn on each other. Scarlet will pick up a mole rancor and throw it at the crystal, while Anansi will try to wrangle one for the same purpose. Bilcer is picking themselves up and going to check on Ember.

Ares creates an illusionary female mole rancor. Two of the mole rancors start doing this weird mating dancing and move forward to attack each other over the female. Their fight spills out onto the buildings on either side, and the building Ares, Ember, and Bilcer are on starts to crumble.

Scarlet swoops down and lifts up a rancor over her head. As she does, Anansi lands on the back of the other rancor and Scarlet’s rancor begins to fire artillery blasts at him. A blast throws him off and into a nearby car. The blast also messes up his bike.

Ember starts to roll off the building and is grabbed by Ares, who is then, in turn, grabbed by a giant eagle thing that Bilcer shape-shifted into. A beam of energy suddenly shoots into the sky from the crystal, which disrupts Bilcer’s entire body. It’s almost like Bilcer is falling apart — and they’re losing memories as they fall down. They crash into the side of a building and fall to the ground. Bilcer’s body begins to shift in weird ways. The crash awakens Ember, who is given the quick run-down of what is going on by Ares.

Atomica hurls the rancor at the crystal. As soon as the mole rancor touches the beam of light, it disintegrates into nothing. The crystal gets knocked off it’s perch, which allows Bilcer to recover, but the crystal has not been destroyed. The entire spire starts to crackle and hum, and lightning begins to crackle along it. It looks dangerous, so Ember decides they need to evacuate people…and she uses the asphalt at their feet and nearby buildings to try and create a cocoon around the device. Catching on, Scarlet uses her atomic power to weld it shut, and Anansi is able to duplicate her power. A fuel cell from Bilcer’s ship rolls out and bumps into Ember’s foot, which helps to power her up. Atomica, meanwhile, tries to evacuate people using illusions of Where the Wild Things Are trolls. He impresses the hell out of the Cricket and earns a nod of respect and his card.

There is a big explosion, and Ember is able to hold the protective cocoon together until it ends. As Ember collapses from exhaustion, the cocoon collapses into a pile of rubble. The rest of the mole people begin to flee except for one commander who seems to be frantically typing something into some piece of technology. Scarlet charges him, breaking his tech and knocking him out. Anansi goes for a high-five, but Scarlet hugs him instead. There’s some bonding, and it’s pretty cute.

Bilcer ambles over to Ares and an unconscious Ember. As they move, their body is reforming back into the familiar Bilcer-form. Voicing surprise and awe about the heroics, Ares takes the opportunity to tell Bilcer Krayir is a dirty liar and a jerk-face. Bilcer momentarily struggles to remember who Krayir is. It’s not AS cute, but it’s still some pretty great bonding.

Ember is in pain.

Aegis agents suddenly swarm onto the scene, and they’re coming straight for the mole lord rather than Scarlet this time. Scarlet and Anansi decide to let them take him, but Anansi tries to squirrel away a piece of broken tech. An agent notices and orders him to leave it there. Scarlet tries to tell them that Mr. Everywhere asked them to pick it up. Unfortunately, that draws a lot of attention to her — they ask her for a designation and start scanning her. While they’re distracted, Anansi is able to pocket a piece.

Back at the base, they find the Hammer in the meeting room. As they walk in, he does a slow clap for them and tells them they did good — messy, but good. Anansi presents his tech, and the Hammer says they’ll take a look at it. When they say it seemed like it was trying to separate Anansi from his powers and that it reverberated Bilcer in time, like it was trying to rewrite their timeline. Which is bad.

As the rest of the group talk about hooking up the Wii to the Hammer’s huge TV in the meeting room (much to his chagraine), Hammer pulls Ares out to talk to her in private. He says she’s done well, but he’s going to keep an eye on her.

They do, eventually, succeed in getting him to play Wii-Golf…



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