Masks: Birth of Heroes

Fyrefly's Journal 5


It’s been a while. Then again, that’s not really my fault. It’s not like I could have prevented that shooting. That ended up with a hospitalization for a couple of days. The important thing was that Chance spoke to the people, promoted the rally that had been worked on for the past couple of days. And that the rally was mostly a success.

Then of course there was that march on the Spike. Things were a mess, Sovereign showed up acting like some high and mighty judge, jury, and executioner, putting people down for little reason.

Then once we find one of the Sevitri, she actually tries to grab him and fly away? She probably would have, If I hadn’t stopped her. And people doubt my capabilities. Well, not so much anymore.

Things are going well with Chance. Like, really well. We’re actually kind of official now. Though “Officially” he’s dating Ms. McGowan. But we know better.

Still…..He’s an idiot. What in the hell was he thinking going and telling his mom who I actually am?! Things are going great, and then he reveals that bit of idiocy?! I know…I get it…he was upset cause of what I did to his mom…worried about her. But….seriously? I thought we already had the privacy talk?

Ugh….and he’s a Marvel guy. (Yes I know, I like some Marvel too…but Come on, Zatanna is way cooler than Doctor Strange.)



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