Masks: Birth of Heroes

Fyrefly's Journal 6

What happened....

So Dad finally got out of the hospital…so that’s good. But then he decides to barely say a word to me and he’s already to go back to his ‘job’.

So we finally have it out. I call him out on all the BS he’s pulling and how He’s disappointing me and Mom’s memory, and he fires back with the most common retort every adult seems to have. “You’re just a child, you don’t understand how the world works.”

Maybe not, but I understand how the law works. And I understand right from wrong. And I’m damn sure going to prove to him how wrong he is.

Then things get….intense.

There’s a kid over at Wannamakers. Apparently he can blow things up. But Thankfully he’s not being aggressive towards anyone. I can help this kid out. Send him on a better path. Ivy Libra seems to actually want to help young people, especially after Chance swaying the public towards the idea of a school for young people with powers.

So I land on the rooftop…and then another girl lands…dressed up like ‘Handyman’…..and I’m looking at her…and something weird is happening..cause she stands and moves exactly like Bash, and for some reason I just know…It’s her.

So that’s upsetting. And when I ask her why she’s dressing up like that murderer….she….She asked me “What’s the matter? Daddy doesn’t love you enough?

And I just break…I can’t help but look at her in shock as she would say something like that to me. I thought we were best friends. Why would she say that? Has she been lying to me the entire time? and then something even crazier happens….I just get all of these flashes of her Killing all of these people. Even that MeDIC that had his head ripped off! And It’s just…..too much. I can’t help it. I break down and cry. and She just leaves me there.

Not only that.. She slams out of the building holding the kid and makes sure to toss part of the rooftop at me while I’m curled up crying for my lost friend. What Frog had done was insane….but with him, it could have just been the one incident…we all knew what he did was wrong..we could have helped him see that.

But She’s been doing this for weeks. And she was going to take this poor scared kid off to the Handyman….induct another remorseless killer into his little ranks.

I couldn’t let that happen. This kid had to know the truth. He had to be taught control. The ‘Handyman’ would just use him like a little bomb. Like a weapon.

Just like he’s using her. Oh Bash…I’d hug you if you would ever forgive me. I get it now. Gentleman always treated you like a weapon and a Soldier. It’s what you’re used to…

I paralyzed her. I just panicked. I was boiling with rage, pain, hurt, and fear, and I just lashed out like I did on Sovereign. Leaving her there, paralyzed.

The Kid was scared…but I managed to talk him down…explain the situation….I told him to trust me…to turn himself in…He seemed to want to be able to control himself better anyway.

The cops and press praised me as a hero for what I did.

Yeah….right. Some hero…stabbing her former best friend in the back.

I certainly don’t feel like a hero right now.



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