Tag: Mask


  • Fyrefly (Mai McGowen)

    Mai McGowan had been trained for most of her life by her parents, as they were preparing her to eventually become part of the "Family business." The only daughter of Inoue *Takahashi-McGowan* (*_Flaymebird_*) and *David McGowan* (*_NightWolf_*), her …

  • Bash (Kamil Koury)

    Kamil was lucky -- that's what they say, anyway. The Gentleman found the little girl alive and unharmed on the edge of the crater that had once been the country of Isselbeck. Whether it was because of her metahuman strength, guilt for his failure to …

  • Frank Patten

    Frank believed in superheros once. That ended when he was eight, when a fight between the Indomitable and Morgana destroyed half a block downtown and crushed he and his parents under rubble. There were 100's of dead and injured in what was labeled the …

  • Psycho(delic) Frog

    A runaway from small town couple hours from the big city. Picked up by the Gentleman after some particularly flamboyant escapade that went slightly sidewise.