The Handyman / NightWolf / David McGowen

The Vigilante


- Why don’t they act within the law?
He’s been less concerned with following the law, and more concerned with his own sense of justice. He considers most of the law enforcement community to be failures. He sees their efforts as futile, especially when dealing with a large community of supers.

- Why do they still act, despite the law?
He wants to set an example for the next generation. He’s hoping he will be the start of something new.

- Is public perception of them positive, negative, or accurate?
It’s negative, but accurate. If you see him, report him to the police.

- Are they ever likely to stop? Why or why not?
They are unlikely to ever stop. They would stop if everyone agreed, but that’s probably not going to happen. He would stop once he was sure that the next generation was carrying the torch properly. That is highly unlikely to happen.

- What is their code?
He doesn’t act out without proof of injustice or wrongdoing. Never acts rashly. Maybe killing. No proof that he’s killed anyone.

He embodies: Radical

He denies: Star

Which other paragon do they most oppose? The August. Ideologically.


The Handyman / NightWolf / David McGowen

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