The Gentleman

The Teacher


Whom do they teach?
Stepped away from heroics on the front line to provide an example to the younger generation. Somebody who’s been there for a long time, and even people who are a bit older learn from them.

Where is their school?
Set up in an abandoned police precinct. It has a whole lot of the equipment, it was easy to convert. With the help of some friends, it was easy enough to get going. Mundane society is probably unaware of this place, but the supers know of it and will occasionally send people there.

Why do they teach instead of acting directly?
They have a bit of PTSD. They were on a jet traveling to Isselbach, trying to defuse the bomb that the Dragon Atomic had set off. IT DIDN’T GO SO GREAT.

Who were they before they became a teacher?
They were the Dragon Atomic’s arch-nemesis. Kind of a B-superhero. Martial arts sorta, FISTICUFFS. Had a certain amount of technical know-how.

What do they teach?
The written curriculum is fisticuffs, fighting in general, combat skills. But there’s a heavy element of paranoia in this school. Up until Isselbach became a cloud of radioactive ash, this hero had been pretty flashy. “Ah-HAH! I am the HERO, and I have COME to DEFEAT YOU the VILLAIN!” ANd they had never imagined what the villain had been capable of. So now, they teach paranoia. Don’t turn your back. You don’t know what they can do.

What Label do they embody?

What Label do they deny?

The Gentleman

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