The August

The Exile


Who were they before they were exiled?
The leader of the Exemplars. One of the premiere Triple A superhero teams.

Why are they exiled?
They were exiled because their actions led to the death of the Exemplars. (A minor supervillain team let out a Doomsday, something they couldn’t really control, and that led to the death of the Exemplars. The August was responsible for putting a lieutenant in charge, and the lieutenant got everyone killed in battle.)

What do they do while in exile?
They are homeless. They wander the streets, but they do little good actions. Help people in small ways. Refuse to exercise powers.

Who hunts them?
The brother and sister of Flame Lass, who was the Kitty Pryde of the group, youngest member of the team, everybody loved her. Older brother and younger sister. One of them has powers, the other does not. Violent, angry, seeking vengeance. Not completely on board. One has a more extreme view, the other is really upset.

What will happen if they come back?
The return will cause a rift between the current superhero community. Some would be on the side of “this guy cannot be here,” and other would be saying that “he needs to redeem himself.” It’ll basically cause a schism.

Which Label do they embody?

Which Label do they deny?

The August

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