The Dragon Atomic


What makes them more heroic than anything else?
After the death of the Exemplar team, and the villainization of the August, this was a B-Hero who stepped up into the head place and really made good.

Have they always been a hero? What else have they been?
They were a villain before they became a B-level hero. It’s a dark secret.

Do they operate with the law?
They are a government sanctioned hero at this point. They don’t necessarily fall under the jurisdiction of the law. They have the ability and free rein to go out, solve crimes, capture super villains, without the law specifically saying “go get that guy.” Extrajurisdictional province.

Who is their most public detractor or enemy?
They may operate within the law and have the approval of the common people, but the media has a very skewed opinion. Some of them might have very good points. Of course, you have the crazy news, but you also have people who are actually genuinely concerned with good points. Victoria Lang, a Katie Couric type, who is their biggest detractor. She is of legitimate concerns.

What is the least heroic thing they have ever done?
She nuked Isselbech, which is no longer on the maps. It is known that that villain did it, but it is not known that that villain is now the hero. She did it for money. A shit ton of money.

What Label does she embody?

What Label does she deny?


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