Fyrefly (Mai McGowen)

The Unmarked



Player: Joe
Name: Fyrefly (Mai McGowan)

Type: Unmarked
Team: -1

Freak -1
Danger 0
Hero 1
Star 0
Radical 0
Mundane 2
XP x x x x


Starting Moves:

Training and Tech: When you do something impossible, roll+ Mundane instead of + Freak, as long as you have the necessary equipment.

You’d Never Know…: Your powers are subtle, secret, hidden, or separate from you. You can choose to go unnoticed at any time, so long as you are not under direct observation.

Danger Move: Not to be underestimated When you set your mind to destroying something, name it. As long as it isn’t expecting you to destroy it, you get +1 ongoing against it.

Hero Move: I Choose To Be When you tell someone that you are a hero and they don’t believe you, take +1 Ongoing to Hero until you prove them wrong.

Freak Move: Hidden in Plain Sight When you speak openly about what it is that makes you different from most people, roll + Freak. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. Spend your hold 1 for 1 to make someone change the Labels they would shift up or down.

Star Move: All it takes is a nice dress You can use Star instead of Radical to “Call someone to aid your cause,” and Star instead of Mundane to “watch someone.”

Radical Move: The Right Hand of Change When you follow through on the plans of a radical leader, take +1 ongoing.

Mundane Move: I am what I seem to be When you are open, honest, and forthright with someone, they cannot


Bash is a Hero/Mundane/Star/Danger/Freak/Radical who appears beautiful to me.

Psycho Frog is a Freak/Star who sees the parts of me that are really marked.

Frank is a Freak/Danger/Star/Hero from whom I have the most to learn.

Chance is a Mundane/Freak/Hero/Radical whom I cannot see myself following.


Mai McGowan had been trained for most of her life by her parents, as they were preparing her to eventually become part of the “Family business.” The only daughter of Inoue Takahashi-McGowan (Flaymebird) and David McGowan (NightWolf), her parents were upfront with their daughter about what they did. Protect the city and the world. Both being members of the Exemplars as well.

Her father would teach her different Martial Arts forms, while her mother instructed her in the use of the different devices that she might have to employ in the “line of duty”.

Other than these “extracurricular” teachings, Mai’s life was mostly normal, she displayed no Metahuman properties like her parents were gifted with, just dedication to training, as such when she joined the Gymnastics team, to help further her skills, either parent would always be there to support her.

It was during one such meet, that her father was attending when tragedy struck the family. Flaymebird, was apart of the Exemplar massacre. Ever since that event Mai’s father hasn’t been the same. He has become more distant, and prowls the night more often. Blaming August like many do for the tragedy.

Whereas Mai, still holds out hope, relying upon the values and skills that her parents had taught her for her eventual future. Not wanting to wait, she took it upon herself, stealing and modifying one of her mother’s old costumes, using the tools they had kept in supply. She would honor her mother’s memory, and do the right thing as Fyrefly!

Fyrefly isn’t a glory hound ofr thrill seeker (though many might debate that), she’s sensible and realistic, aware of her limits, knowing full well what can happen when caught unprepared, or when you jump in head first. Lacking any metahuman abilities, she has every right to be more cautious, but that doesn’t seem to stop her from jumping in the midst of things when she see’s clear trouble, and people needing help.

Fyrefly (Mai McGowen)

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