Frank Patten

The Inhuman


Your body isn’t like theirs. Where they are one thing, full, real…you are artificial.
Maybe wholly, maybe partly. It doesn’t matter. You aren’t like them. You aren’t
human. You can’t be. Can you? And would you want to be? If you could?

Player: Matt

Freak: +2
Danger: 0
Hero: 0
Star: 0
Radical: +1
Mundane: -1

Computerized Brain
Subdermal Weaponry


More human than you:
Any time you openly reveal yourself as artificial or in human, you can increase Freak by 1 and decrease Mundane by 1. Any time you pass for human, you can increase Mundane by 1 and decrease Freak by 1.

Under The Mask:
When you show someone what lies under your mask, show them the least human part of you, the part of yourself you’re most ashamed of, the thing you feel you’ve most lost. Ask them if they think you’re losing or gaining humanity. If
they say losing, mark Afraid, take 1 XP, and shift Freak up and Mundane down. If they say
gaining, mark Lovelorn, take 1 XP, and shift Mundane up and Freak down.

Danger Move: Killer Robot
If you mark Lonely, you can add Freak to your roll to Cut Loose in addition to Danger.

Hero Move: Human Heart, Skin of Steel
Whenever you take Stress while protecting someone, take +1 ongoing until they are safe.

Freak Move: So I can talk to machines…
Whenever you reveal your robotic or cybernetic nature, you can display yourself
with + Freak with Awe, Obedience, or Support as the reaction. It will inherently
be tinged by your freakish nature.

Star Move: Better, Faster, Stronger
When you show yourself as better than a regular human being, mark experience and clear any condition.

Radical Move: I am the future!
When you use yourself as an example of technology’s benefits or horrors when
calling someone to aid your cause, you may add your Freak to your Radical on the
roll if you mark Burdened.

Mundane Move: Wish I could be
When you seek an understanding of someone mundane, you can mark Lonelyto get a 10+.

Pyscho Frog is a Star who is human in a way that I wish I was human.

Bash is a Danger who sees me as a potential monster waiting to happen…and I fear they are right.

Fyrefly is a Mundane who understands the technology that makes me up for better or worse.

Chance is a Star whose heart is in the right place, but who doesn’t have the logic or tactical know-how to lead successfully.


Frank believed in superheros once. That ended when he was eight, when a fight between the Indomitable and Morgana destroyed half a block downtown and crushed he and his parents under rubble. There were 100’s of dead and injured in what was labeled the worst superheroing disaster in the cities history, (until the exemplars got butchered a few years later), but Frank and a few of the really badly off were transferred to Vulcan Laboratories for an experimental implantation of a cellular reconstruction system.

The procedure gave him and the others a life back, (as well as a tremendous amount of positive publicity for Vulcan Laboratories, which had generously donated the units.), but that doesn’t make living easier. The night terrors haven’t stopped, for instance, and Frank doesn’t relate well to other people, so he’s been in the orphanage since then. A foundation setup in the aftermath of the tragedy takes care of the therapy bills, and Frank has tried desperately to pretend to be normal, but it never works for very long. This is especially true after he realized that he could manipulate the cellular reconstruction system inside him. None of the others developed have developed this ability, and it has closed the door forever on being “normal” forever.

It was on the encouragement of his therapist that he joined this team, though truth is that superheros and villains still scare him, but he needs to face his fears if the nightmares are every going to stop. Maybe amidst all the other strangeness that goes on, he can even pass for normal.

Frank Patten

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