Captain Ivy Libra

commander of Metahuman Detainment, Incarceration and Containment Unit. MeDICs.


What cause do they support?
They want the superhuman community brought under the legal system of the government. No more extralegal powers. No more acting under their own laws.

What actions do they take?
They hunt down people who break the law on behalf of the special crimes unit. They hunt down superpowered being, be they villain or vigilante. They are extremely showy about it. It’s like reality show shit. They’ve got go pro cams on their fucking cops. They’re like Rage Against the Machine — activist, but populist. Connected to the media.

What event prompted them to start taking action?
The Sovereign actually killed a supervillain — at least, supposedly a super villain. It gets a little shaky if you take it apart. But she blamed this supervillain for the death of the Exemplars, and that “villain” was the activist’s older brother.

Who is their primary opposition?
The Sovereign. The Sovereign isn’t interested in being tied up by the law.
Have they ever resorted to stronger tactics? Would they?
Not yet. At the moment, they’re looking to bring legitimacy to the movement. But if they thought they could take a real shot at Sovereign, they would probably go to something stronger.

What Label do they embody? (Danger, Hero, Freak, Star, Radical, Mundane)

What Label do they deny? (Danger, Hero, Freak, Star, Radical, Mundane)

Captain Ivy Libra

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