Bash (Kamil Koury)

The Bull


The world is thin. So thin, and fragile. Most don’t have to worry about it; they don’t stand the chance of punching through walls – through lives – with each swing of their arms. You do. Maybe that means you’ve gotten used to killing. Maybe that means you treat people like the cardboard cutouts they are. Maybe that means you cry yourself to sleep at night.

No matter what you do, though, you know what you are, to the very core of you: a breaker. A destroyer of worlds.

Player: Andrea
XP: 4
Potential: 1

Freak: +1
Danger: 0
Hero: +2
Star: -1
Radical: -1
Mundane: +1


Under the Mask: When you show someone what’s under your mask, show them how you are gentle, tame, or thoughtful. Ask them if they are afraid of you. If they say yes, shift Danger up 1 and GM’s choice down 1. If they say no, hift Mundane up 1 and Danger down 1 and take 1 xp.

Moment of Truth:
Cause massive destruction and devastation, especially to those you target.

In a China Shop: When you cut loose, if you are destroying inanimate objects or structures, choose 1 additional option and add the following options to the list:
-You terrify onlookers.
-You seize control of something.
-You destroy anything and everything you like.

Major Danger: You can roll + Danger to do something impossible. If you do, you will cause collateral damage.

Stop Myself: Whenever you show mercy to an enemy, recover a Condition and take 1 xp.

Thick and Thin Skinned: You can choose to mark Angry at any time to clear your Stress. Take +X forward to Cut Loose, where X is how much Stress you cleared.

Thick and Thin Skinned Move


Kamil was lucky — that’s what they say, anyway. The Gentleman found the little girl alive and unharmed on the edge of the crater that had once been the country of Isselbeck. Whether it was because of her metahuman strength, guilt for his failure to stop the Dragon Atomic’s nuclear weapon, or something else, the aging hero brought Kamil back with him to begin training her — and other young heroes as well.

Kamil grew up in relative isolation in the Gentleman’s Manor but for the company of the other metahumans the Gentleman trained. Her quick temper and often violent outbursts made it too difficult — and too dangerous — to send her to school like other kids. Instead, she was home-schooled by the Gentleman himself with an emphasis placed on using her strength and toughness to become a superhero.

Unfortunately, the training left her well-prepared…but not well-adjusted. Kamil has a very negative self-image, causing her to lash out or play it tough rather than try to connect with those around her. Now in her late teens, her temper has not improved much — her first instinct is still to throw or hit whatever it is that has ticked her off. Like her mentor, she remains obsessed with the Dragon Atomic in her own way — should Kamil ever learn the Dragon Atomic’s identity, she intends to make the villain rue the day she decided to nuke Isselbeck off the map. Given her background, however, she has fully embraced the idea of heroics and need for heroes — although, perhaps, some of the Gentleman’s paranoia may have rubbed off a bit. Kamil Koury remains largely unknown — most of the world, human and metahuman alike, know her as Bash.

Bash doesn’t have a lot of experience in crime-fighting other than the training she has done with her mentor. The team — Chance, Psycho Frog, Frank, and Fyrefly — is her first opportunity to do what she’s trained her entire life for.

So, obviously, it’s their fault when things go wrong…

Unbeknownst to any but Frog, Bash has killed a MeDIC. Not even Frog, however, knows she has accepted the Handyman’s offer to teach her — not to “rescue kittens” but how to become a weapon.

 photo Tragic_zpse5efc00d.gif HEROES ARE MADE (Have a tragic origins story)

 photo Mask_zps91dd8f92.gif I WEAR A MASK (Have a secret identity)

 photo TeamPlayer_zpsb86503f4.gif TEAM PLAYER (Join a team of Masks)

 photo TeamLeader_zps10b14848.gif FOLLOW THE LEADER (Lead a team mission to success)

 photo Blood_zps48f775a0.gif VIGILANTE (Kill a bad guy)

 photo Alienate_zpse2b612ca.gif FRENEMIES (Alienate your entire team in one mission)

 photo Connections_zps0894e78a.gif FANGIRL (Have a label shifted by every Paragon) – Progress 4/5

Bash (Kamil Koury)

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