Masks: Birth of Heroes

Session Summary 8

After successfully sneaking out of the school (riding the truck with the dirty laundry, then jumping into Spark’s ship), Spark, Maelstrom, and Feroz successfully arrive at O’Malley’s Bar. (Scathe decided to stay at school to do homework.) Spark is overdressed in a black cocktail dress, Feroz is wearing a nice shirt and ironed jeans, and Maelstrom is wearing his grubby school clothes, a hoodie, and a sling. Entering the bar, Feroz holds the door for Spark (but not for Maelstrom)…and everyone stops to stare at the purple-skinned girl. Spark is a bit surprised by the attention, but remembering how awesome she is, she strides up to the bar and asks for a beer. Cricket, who is related to people here, including the bar tender, and who has just returned from a job with Leverage, speaks up and specifies which beer Spark should try. Feroz and Maelstrom follow her over and get their own beers from the bartender, Sharon, who is a cousin of “Jimmy’s”. Sharon voices some concern about Jimmy’s friends and asks if he’s joined a gang…because one of them is purple, and, apparently, that’s a clear indication of gang membership in Continuum City.

After reassuring his cousin, Cricket leads the group over to a table where they can, hopefully, talk privately. Maelstrom explains why his arm is in a sling, and Cricket and Feroz rib him into texting Diamond and asking her out. He asks her if she wants to get coffee, and she sets the terms for the following day. Spark, meanwhile, isn’t sure if she likes the beer, but she is soon distracted by a handsome young man who comes over to chat with her. She happily informs him that she’s an alien, that her father is an ambassador, and that she’s here in Continuum City going to school. Cricket and Feroz butt in to keep her from telling this guy which school and intimidate him into going away. (Maelstrom pulls his hoodie down over his face and slides down in his seat — apparently, he knows this guy.) Irritated by the boys’ behavior, Spark leaves to join the guy and his friends at a nearby table.

Once she’s gone, Maelstrom explains that the guy’s name is Asher. He’s a pretty decent guy, but he’s part of a gang: the Faceless Hundred. Many of the gang members have super powers…but they do hurt people. He thinks Spark will be okay, though…which doesn’t stop the guys from halting their conversation to watch and eavesdrop as she is introduced to Asher’s friends.

As it turns out, they’re interested in aliens and what she can do. A guy named Miguel says he’ll “show his if she shows her’s.” Spark is super curious what this is all about, so when he throws up a beer bottle, she gives it a zap. (This, of course, gets the attention of the entire bar. Again.) Miguel, meanwhile, shows off his ice powers by creating a piece of ice between his hands. Spark would like to see more, so they agree to go outside to show off what they can do.

The boys decide to follow. You know, for Spark’s best interests. Cricket uses his ability to throw his voice to Spark, intending to whisper it in her ear. Unfortunately for him, Asher happens to be leaning in to talk to Spark as he does it and overhears. cricket wants Spark to know that she’s made them jealous, so she can come back to the boys now. She tells Asher that she’ll go tell them to quit sneaking around and let her make up her own mind.

Once she locates the boys, they tell her they’re going to a different bar and that she should come, because they haven’t even gotten to do any dancing yet. They also tell her that Asher’s not a good guy — he’s part of the Faceless Hundred, and they hurt people. This finally wins her over, but she refuses to leave without saying anything, since he’s made it a point of waiting for her. They’re not in favor of this plan, so she tells them that that’s fine — they can cower around the corner and wait for her to come back. This provides ample motivation, and they follow her back into the alley.

Spark tells Asher that she’s going to go with her friends and brings up their claim that he’s part of a gang. He takes some offense and decides to show off by using his telekinetic powers to put Feroz on top of a nearby roof. (The end result is the opposite of impressing Spark.) As he puts Feroz down, however, he notices the person who was hiding behind him: Maelstrom. He tells Spark that she should stay far away from Maelstrom, because he’s dangerous — he’s the type of guy who leaves his friends behind to die. This means the gang has a score to settle with him, and Asher is really, really sorry, because he really did like Spark, but he’ll have to kill Maelstrom. And Maelstrom agrees that this is how things are done. It looks like Asher is about to unleash some power at Maelstrom, so Feroz jumps on top of him from the roof! Cricket gets ready to join the fight as well.

Spark steps in between the combatants and demands they stop fighting before someone really gets hurt. Asher agrees to hold off…but Miguel decides, “Fuck it” and slings a bunch of icicles at Maelstrom. One of them catches Spark in the shoulder, but Maelstrom turns into a lightning bolt and shoots up to the roof before any of them hit him. One of the gang, Allie, opens her mouth to deliver a sonic scream, but Cricket turns the scream back on her and her allies. Feroz, meanwhile, picks up one of the other members and hurls him as far as he can — but not before the guy breaks his nose. Spark flies up to grab hold of Maelstrom, regardless of the fact he’s on fire, to keep him from unleashing his power on the gang below. She manages to evacuate him, but she is badly burned and passes out once she drops him off on a nearby rooftop.

Unable to do anything to help her, Maelstrom frantically texts to the others for help while Asher and his gang run away.



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