Masks: Birth of Heroes

Session Summary 5

During the last episode, Feroz was in jail. “They” started a fight, and Feroz just finished it. At a bar. Where they neglected to card him. The August bailed him out — probably reluctantly, because Feroz calls him “Calendar Guy.”

Feroz returns to the boys’ room to find Cricket texting an absent Maelstrom. When asked where he was, Feroz tells him he was in jail and that it was boring. Feroz tells him too he figured he’d stay, since they’d probably just send more people after him if he busted out. Cricket fills him in on what happened with the robot attacks, and Feroz takes a bit of issue with Cricket calling Scathe “Pet” (because she’s a teacher’s pet!), but they take it no further than polite disagreement. Cricket leaves to find Maelstrom, and Feroz does pull-ups until his appointment.

Spark has been sent to the guidance counselor’s office to meet with Ms. McGowan regarding her hand in the robot battle. First, she brings up the fact Scathe hurt her, and then she says Scathe abandoned her to put on her uniform. Ms. McGowan points out that Spark sat down in the middle of the fight and refused to help her ally. She sinks a little lower in her seat as the counselor goes on and on and on about how she needs to learn teamwork. She reluctantly agrees to do this, and then the door bursts open to reveal her father, who promptly drags Spark from the room, because she doesn’t need a human counselor. Spark tries to tell him that everything’s fine and under control, but she’s so upset that her argument falls flat. It isn’t until she finally loses her temper and yells at him that this is his fault she’s here and that tearing her away will only make things worse, but that she’s going to stay and clean up his mess that he finally realizes she’s not going to come with him. He’s a bit hurt by her accusation, which immediately makes Spark feel worse, and then he leaves.

Back in the counselor’s office, it’s Scathe’s turn to talk to Ms. McGowan. Scathe leads by asking if this is about her backtalking to Frost. Ms. McGowan tries to point out that the fight with the robots got a little out of hand, and Scathe blames the teachers for sending robots into dorm rooms in the middle of the night. Scathe also blames Spark for not being good enough to fight the robots on her own. Ms. McGowan tells her she’s better than letting her anger get the upperhand. Scathe snaps back at her, and Ms. McGowan lets her continue to vent until she’s run out of steam. Once she has Scathe’s attention, she is finally able to talk some sense into her, and Scathe admits she was wrong. And, surprisingly, she feels better!

Feroz, too, is sent to the counselor’s office to talk about his trip to jail. Feroz is dressed in a nice tank top and pants, and he’s wearing cologne — and he will totally beat up more guys if it means getting a meeting with Ms. McGowan again. She tries to explain to him that it’s not okay to hurt people that badly even if they’ve started it. Being a hero is about more than saving lives. He tells her he didn’t mean to hurt them as badly as he did, but there were four of them, and he wanted to make sure they didn’t take him out. She understands, but she tells him he’ll have to undergo anger management meetings with her.

Maelstrom is in the park trying to reshape his broken chess pieces with his powers as a way to relax and train himself. Cricket arrives to point out the flaws in his artistry, albeit good-naturedly. He also tries to tell Maelstrom he should try to infuse himself with some electricity, because it would give him power. Cricket is also laboring under the assumption that Diamond was harassing Maelstrom, because she has a thing for him. He advises him to ditch the letter-writing effort and tells him that he has nothing to fear from Diamond. As he says that, one of the chess pieces floats up into the air, and Jack plucks it out of the air. She tells Maelstrom it looks something like a turd. Apparently, she’s actually here to talk about how well Cricket and Maelstrom did against the robots. The Royals are looking for a fifth member. Maelstrom says the idea is dumb. She figured that would be his response, but Cricket is much smarter…and he agrees that yes, yes, he is. This is enough to cause Maelstrom to snap; he crushes the chess piece he was floating in mid-air. His bid for intimidation fails, however, and she mockingly calls him Storm Boy. Cricket tries to intervene and tells her he’ll talk to her later. She agrees and calls Maelstorm “Stormy” on the way out. Cricket promises not to sell them out too badly, and Maelstrom picks up a piece of gravel to begin carving.

Scathe appears about then. She’s geared up and crossing the quad on her way to the gym to pound the hell out of some equipment. Maelstrom waves to get her to come over. She responds with a wave to Maelstrom, but she can’t deal with Cricket right now, so she keeps walking.

Spark is already at the gym taking out her anger mainly on herself as she tries to master a new trick in catching her own energy balls. Scathe immediately snaps at her, and Spark begins packing up her equipment. Scathe sort of tries to apologize and fails epically. Spark hurries out of the gym and runs into Feroz on her way out. She looks upset, so he asks what’s wrong. She confesses that she’s afraid of Scathe stabbing her with more shadows. Feroz convinces Spark that she shouldn’t be afraid of Scathe, and that she shouldn’t let Scathe kick her out of the gym. They go into together, and they find Scathe working out in the far room. The door is shut, and the room is completely dark. To mess with her, Spark rigs the lights in the room using alien tech to burn away Scathe’s shadows. The light burns away everything and actually hurts Scathe, because she was going all-out inside. The light continues to burn like a small sun for a few minutes. Scathe screams — something between rage and pain — and falls over. Hearing the pained scream, Spark opens the door and yells for Feroz to help get her out. He tells her she has majorly messed up, and she tells him she didn’t mean it — she didn’t know humans were so fragile! She can fix it though.

As Feroz carries her out onto the quad, Spark starts attaching small attuning stones to Scathe. Seeing the trio, Cricket and Maelstrom head over to investigate what happened and bicker over whether or not Maelstrom should ask Diamond out. Spark channels her energy into the stones, and they begin to glow. As Scathe wakes up, the rest of the team immediately works together to cover for Spark’s mistake. Diamond’s name comes up again, closely followed by Jack’s proposal to Cricket. Just as Cricket nominates himself as the moral compass of the group, Cricket gets a phone call from Leverage.

Cricket excuses himself to take the call and learns from his mentor that there is an armory on campus of weapons taken from kids who were expelled. She tells him to get a phase emitter (or something), and he gloats over the fact he has a patsy already set up.

Coming back to the group, he finds Spark trying to explain bomb diffusion to Maelstrom. (Scathe has gone back to the dorm to change.) Once Cricket comes back, Spark tries to persuade everyone to have a rumble with the Royals in response to them trying to poach one of their teammates. Feroz is all about it, but Cricket and Maelstrom think it’s a bad idea. Feroz and Cricket trade insults, and then Feroz stomps away.

Left with Maelstrom and Cricket, Spark decides to try to pry out of Cricket what his plans for the Royals is. (Because he specifically said that attacking them would mess up his plans.) He gently takes her hand and stares wistfully into her eyes as he tells her not to worry, that he’ll still be on her side. She blushes. But, more importantly, Maelstrom watches as Cricket sweeps his crush off her feet. Spark clears her throat and awkwardly announces that she needs to go.

Maelstrom and Cricket kind of awkwardly stare at each other, and then Cricket offers to teach Maelstrom how to diffuse a bomb and he sullenly agrees to it.



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