Masks: Birth of Heroes

Session Summary 4

In Professor Patton’s bomb diffusing class: Maelstrom is sleeping, which goes unnoticed until his “bomb” explodes. Hard Drive tries to explain to Maelstrom why it’s important he participate when Cricket speaks up telling him to just agree with the professor. (At which point he finds out that he’s on Maelstrom’s team, which is disheartening a bit.) Red Squad is asked to stay after class. The professor wants to make sure the team knows how important it is that they work together to get the most out of their studies. The talk doesn’t go well.

The rest of the school day passes uneventfully, and the kids go to their after school activities. Maelstrom plays soccer, and on the other team is a mundane girl named Kasey Fulton (Diamond) who hates him. He has no idea why. She knocks him down hard. Twice. Coach Meatwall misses the first play but comes over to investigate on the second and tells them to play a clean game. As soon as Maelstrom gets the ball, he can see Kasey barreling towards him again. He decides to take the shot rather than defend himself. The ball sinks into the goal, and Kasey absolutely smashes into him. Maelstrom gets to his feet and headbutts her, causing him to get thrown from the game.

On his way back to his dorm, Cricket intercepts Maelstrom and tells him he did well. Cricket tries to console him by telling him he’ll return the circuit board Maelstrom sort of accidentally removed from the classroom without permission. Cricket also tells him it’s just Kasey’s way of flirting with him. Surprisingly, this helps. What he doesn’t know is that Cricket is actually taking the circuit board and hiding it in his room while Maelstrom writes up various letters of apology.

Scathe had gone directly back to her room to work on her homework. Spark returns from Film Club and asks her what she’s doing. Apparently, she’s doing next week’s homework. When Spark inquires about the Ethics homework that’s due tomorrow, Scathe tells her it’s already done and offers to show it to her. Spark accepts and snatches it even as she makes a snarky remark about Scathe’s report cover.

Just as Spark settles in to read the report, Red Squad is called to an emergency drill. Spark opens the door to find a trio of robots in the hall outside their door. One leaps on her, and Spark blasts it with her energy beams. It blasts the robot back, but the energy travels back up the robot and bursts out of its eyes. The blast hits Spark…and also the table with Scathe’s report.

In the boys’ room, another trio of robots bursts in. The first tackles Maelstrom, and he responds by using his kinetic force to crush it. A bit of the floor and neighboring wall is affected by the force, and some of the wall crumbles inwards to bury the carved chess-set Maelstrom was working on. A small taser-like appendage appears and shocks Maelstrom even as he tries to crush it.

Cricket bounces on the robots’ shoulders to get by them to go into the hallway, bidding them to follow him out as he does so. The other two robots are trying to punch him, and they do get a few jabs in, but they are definitely following him.

Scathe starts throwing spikes made of shadow in an attempt to pin them to the wall. She berates Spark for not containing the robots, and Spark replies by sitting down — since she seems to know what’s best, Scathe can handle the attack on her own. Scathe answers with, “Fine, alien bitch.” and pulls out a sword made entirely of shadows, which draws the shadows (painfully) through Spark and the robots, shredding the latter. The effort causes her to drop unconscious, and Spark timidly approaches to find out if she’s okay.

Back in the boys’ room, the robot has disengaged from Maelstrom. It pulls a psi-restraint collar from it’s arm. Maelstrom decides to charge it with the goal of draining it using his powers. He is able to drain the robot — and also the entire building.

Luckily, the black-out doesn’t affect Cricket’s powers. Drawing on inspiration from his mentor, he hides on the ceiling until the robots pass by underneath. Then, he drops down on top of them and speed-hacks their CPU’s (and gets access codes to the computers.) And then Cricket runs away to hide.

After the battle, Maelstrom, Spark, and Scathe are gathered together in the infirmary with Artemis Frost, Athena Frost, and the August. (They can’t find Cricket at first, but he eventually joins them.) The teachers point out that their teamwork, er, sucks. But Maelstrom and Cricket did a good job, so that’s good! Scathe yells at Athena for attacking their room and earns herself detention for a month. Noticing that Spark is being quiet and unlike herself, Artemis asks if everything is okay…and Spark requests a new roommate.



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