Masks: Birth of Heroes

Session Summary 3

We begin the scene in the school gym, which makes the perfect training room thanks to the lasers and holographic projects installed by the building’s previous owner. There are two teams here competing in a training exercise. The other team is made up of Royals and is led by Jack, a girl with “kissable lips” and a bald head due to a recent chemo treatment. (She’s totally playing it off as being a punk, and everyone else is playing along because they don’t want to hurt her feelings.) The team of PCs is huddled behind a wall, and Jack has just flung a huge chunk of holographic masonry at them.

Feroz and Maelstrom both leap into action to stop the chunk; Feroz goes to grab it just as Maelstrom flings it back towards Jack using his telekinetic powers…and therefore Feroz as well. Jack catches the chunk with her telekinetic powers and tries to trap Feroz there. Spark unleashes a blast of energy at a projector above Jack; Jack hears it coming and catches it, but it distracts her long enough for Feroz to break free…just in time to get smashed with the projector Jack then sends his way. Scaith extends shadow tendrils towards the enemy team in an attempt to push them back (taking out most of the cover in that area as she does so.)

Jack turns her attention to Spark: she picks up two large pieces of rubble and tries to smash Spark between them. Spark jumps back out of the way, and Jack smashes them together to form one massive block that Spark swiftly destroys with a few blasts of energy. The shattered pieces rain down on Maelstrom, who hesitates to use his power to stop them and is promptly buried beneath them.

With her weapon destroyed, Jack flies towards Scaith to rescue her team, and Feroz yells at the team to keep her attention on them. Scaith creates a tendril from the ceiling that wraps around Jack. She is able to use her kinetic energy to try to keep it at bay, but it is definitely distracting her. Seeing Scaith about to be attacked by the Royals, Spark sends a series of blasts at the floor at their feet. It tears up the floor and manages to hold them back. As they’re trying to get past Spark, Feroz rips up some of the floor to flip on top of the Royals (with Maelstrom’s telekinetic help.) Two of the three (Cobra and Frigid Claw) are caught up in a sort of cage Feroz creates, but Bitrate (a speedster) escapes and throws herself at Feroz’s back.

Jack, meanwhile, has escaped the tendrils and is cannonballing towards Scaith. Scaith escapes through a shadow. Maelstrom creates a ball out of the floor as she crashes into it. The force of it creates a weird reality-bending pressure as she tries to escape, but he is able to hold her in. With Feroz in danger, Spark lets out a blast of energy to careen her towards him in an effort to rescue him. She does manage to knock him out of the way — but the force drives both of them too close to the reality-bending ball of floor.

When Scaith appears from the shadows, Bitrate attacks her with several run-by punches ending in a series of punches that knocks her down on her face. Bitrate kneels on her back, twists her arms behind her, and mutters, “I can’t believe your team has gotten this far. But you broke the rules. You cheaters.” Feroz Hulk-leaps over to help Scaith. (It’s the first time he’s done this, so it’s not a thing of beauty.) He lands on top of Bitrate (who is sitting there chanting, “He’s gonna miss. He’s gonna miss. He’s gonna miss. He’s gonna hit — shit!”) and knocks her off of Scaith. Bitrate immediately jumps up and starts zipping around again.

Maelstrom urges Spark to catch Bitrate, so Spark rips out some wires from the flooring and throws one end to Feroz…who refuses to be helpful. Annoyed, Spark loops the rope around both Feroz AND Bitrate. She ties them together tightly, and they tip over, face-to-face. They come to an agreement that Spark is a bitch.

Agent Athena Frost (the tactics teacher in charge of the exercise) descends from her platform and informs them rather tersely that their team did NOT win, because they broke the rules in destroying the gym. There is a lot of yelling — the kids are supposed to learn how to fight within the rules, because fighting outside them is what the bad guys do. As Frost turns on the Royals (“What’s wrong with you? Where was your coordination? They took you down like children!”), the team enjoys a moment together mocking the other team’s loss, and then they walk off together bickering about who screwed up the worst.


This sounds amazing

Session Summary 3

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