Masks: Birth of Heroes

Session Summary

The scene opens on Kamil and Chance arriving at the Sovereign’s house in a taxi. Inside, Frog and the Sovereign are unconscious on the living room floor, and outside, there are media and cameras everywhere. As soon as Kamil sees them, she slides down in her seat and tells Chance that she’s going to go check on what they left at home. Annoyed, he tells her, “Great teamwork. Thanks for the support.”

The problem is, the cameras catch the conversation, and the media begin to report on this “mystery girl” Chance is with. Is he stepping out on Mai? What did he mean by teamwork?

Chance pushes through the crowd and makes it inside. As they carry Sovereign down the stairs, Chance calls Frog evil in pretty much as many words. Unable to cope, Frog announces that he’s leaving, and he ports back to the Bunker to check what the news says about his rescue of Bash.

This forces Chance to carry her down on his own. He follows his mother’s instructions to open up the secret area of their basement to reveal a sarcophagus. As they approach the sarcophagus, it lights up and opens up like a flower. There are some foreign words, and then it closes with her inside. (He tells it to “execute protocol healing” in the most awkward and adorable way possible.)

Meanwhile, with Frank’s help, only 3 of Frog’s victims are saved, but they’re unconscious and on life support… He decides to go back to the Bunker to lay down, where he finds Frog and Bash. Immediately, he goes off on Frog about how evil he is for killing those people. Frog leaves the room only after Frank turns on some video of the operations. Bash advises Frank to calm down and try talking to Frog rationally.

Back in the hospital room, Mai is watching the newsfeed covering Chance and Kamil’s arrival at the mansion. She gets jealous and throws the remote, and then realizes it’s Chance and it’s Bash, and they probably aren’t together. Just as the remote clatters to the floor, a medic (not in exo-skeleton gear), Ivy Libra, and the August (in a medic uniform) come in. The August hovers over Mai’s sleeping father and looks anguished while Ivy Libra talks to Mai. Apparently, he came to express his condolences, because they’re friends. Ivy Libra also came to express her condolences “in the hopes of helping this city.” It turns out, she watched the rally and was impressed with Mai’s selflessness. She offers to fund Mai’s organization in exchange for keeping in touch with Mai to ensure their organizations are working together. She also tells Mai that Frank has agreed to sign on as well. Mai tells her she will agree only if Ivy Libra is serious about cleaning up the medics.

While Chance is waiting for the Sovereign to wake up, he crosses the room to check out something that is covered by a sheet. Underneath, he finds a costume on a mannequin, but it looks weird — it even has a face mask! The mask looks similar to a dragon’s head, and the costume is reds and oranges and greens. Figuring that Frank is the smart one, he takes a picture and sends it to him. Frank tells him he’s in the middle of something, but he’ll check it out in a minute. In the meantime, Chance tries searching for heroes matching that costume and stumbles on the Dragon Atomic. As he finishes reading it, his mother awakens. She’s doing much better, but she notices he’s revealed the Dragon Atomic costume. OF COURSE, Chance thinks she actually defeated the Dragon Atomic NOT that she was the Dragon Atomic. (Frank, in the meantime, has figured out that the costume belongs to the Dragon Atomic, and he’s concerned that something has happened to Chance. Chance ignores the texts until he’s done talking to the Sovereign. And then he tells Frank it’s a picture of a picture and not to worry about it, but Frank doesn’t believe him.) They go upstairs, and Chance tells the Sovereign both Mai’s secret identity and that she is his girlfriend. She tells Chance that he needs to keep Mai from publicly announcing to the world that there are shape-shifting aliens, because that kind of thing is dangerous. She says she doesn’t hold a grudge but thinks Mai needs to think before she acts. He asks if it would be cool if she came over. Things devolved into an awkward talk about protection. Fortunately, it recovered into a chat about how Frog hurt some people, and they agreed the Gentleman is a dick. Chance asks for her help in giving Frog a second chance, and she agrees to do it…but only if Chance agrees to work with the medics. And he does.

Frank and Bash go to talk to Frog about what he’s done…calmly. Like people do. Frog and Frank have a nice heart-to-heart about the nature of their job, why they do what they do, and what measures should be taken when dealing with humans. Frank admits to signing up with the medics. When Frank says he can scramble their tracking signals, the Gentleman appears to hug Frog tightly and sob into his hair. He apologizes profusely and promises to protect him. Frank reacts poorly to his arrival and tells him the team knows about the Sevitri. The Gentleman emphasizes that they should have left or laid low, as he had told them to do, and tells them they need to stay out of the fight and stop making bad decisions. When he mentions that the Sovereign knew, the Gentleman seems surprised and strokes his chin ominously. He warns them to stay away from her. Bash prompts for an explanation, and for the first time he acknowledges that she’s there. Frank asks if it has something to do with the picture of the Dragon Atomic, and the Gentlemen immediately turns off the screen. Frank and the Gentlemen start arguing, and Bash interrupts to ask why Frank has a picture of the Dragon Atomic. He says it’s from Chance and that he doesn’t know why he has it. He finally agrees to tell Frank — but only Frank — the information, leaving Bash and Frog to sulk in the other room. He tells Frank they didn’t know the Sevitri have been in town for 20 years. He believes they are running Haliwell to run tests on the people of Continiuum City. Now that Ivy Libra has been told, he expects her to be replaced…soon. He tells Frank that he’s fighting a war of shadows and information, and Frank keeps giving up information, and, therefore, weapons. Frank also asks if the Sovereign is the Dragon Atomic, and the Gentleman warns him not to go down that road. He does warn Frank that she may be more dangerous than the Sevitri. Frank wisely backs down from the question. But then the Gentleman decides to tell him Chance’s powers are similar to the Sevitri’s…aren’t they? With their chat concluded, the Gentleman returns to once again try to persuade Frog that he needs his protection. Frog goes off on him a bit and tells him he failed Bash already. The Gentleman says Bash has found someone else to teach her, much to Frank’s confusion. Frog tries to defend her. Sort of. By revealing she’s been working with the Handyman. Bash tells the Gentleman that the Handyman has been there for her, and he hasn’t! The Gentleman gives Frog a card and tells him he can use it to call on him any time whenever he needs him, then leaves. For a moment, it looks almost like the Gentleman might say something to Bash…but then he doesn’t.

(And, meanwhile, Chance and Mai flirt like the teenagers they are by text message and promise to hang out together without parental supervision. They also agree that working with Ivy might be in their best interests, then try to plan their next move.)

After Mai has been discharged from the hospital, she and Chance make out first thing at his place…and are interrupted by the Sovereign. She says it’s a pleasure to meet her and says she is impressed by her “extracurriculuars” (by which she means Mai being a superhero.) Mai is sort of speechless. The Sovereign tells her not to take it to the medics or to the press, because they don’t know what the Sevitri are doing in Continuum City. She just wants Mai to trust her on this. The Sovereign wants them to tell her where they’re keeping the Sevitri prisoner. Chance texts Frank to find out, and Frank tells him it’s gone. (She is not happy when Chance tells her he won’t divulge the location of his “secret base.” Because “it’s a secret” and kid’s only." (And that makes her much cooler with it, because kids with their secret bases are adorable.))



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