Masks: Birth of Heroes

Kamil's Diary 11

I did it. I took out the thing that took out Mai and HD. And what do I get for it? Suddenly, I’m the bad guy. I’m the reason the Gentleman left, and I’m a terrible person, because I was too busy STOPPING THE ALIENS to visit Mai in the hospital. I’m doing what has to be done, what they can’t do. I’m the one actually making a difference. That’s obvious. Isn’t it?

Maybe calling Frog was a mistake. But I panicked, and I thought he would understand more than anyone else. I saved him, after all, and it wasn’t a problem then. So I can only hurt people when I’m rescuing you, Frog? At least he got TH to the hospital. Me and buildings, right? But if I had stopped to think, then the alien wouldn’t be dead. And it could shoot someone else or mess us up even worse. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad about TH, though. I just hope he gets it.

Also: TH is Mai’s father? Does she know that? That explains why he was so determined to find it and kill it. I wasn’t going to ask questions, but now that I know, it makes total sense. I feel like kind of an idiot. But he seemed so nice…and TH, well, isn’t. I’m too tired to think anymore about it. Hunting down the HOG (can I still call it that even though it was an alien?) took all night.

It all happened so quick. You know, I thought it was going to fight me again. I thought it was going to be me or it or that TH would finish it off. But it ran. And when the ship appeared, all I could think about was finishing it off fast before I had to fight it all over again. And if I couldn’t take all of them out, at least I could get the one that hurt my friends. It deserved to die. It’s not even human. It was a monster that would have hurt a lot more people if I let it live, so I know I did the right thing. It feels weird, though, like doing what I did shouldn’t have been so easy. But it was. Once I finally caught it, I just did it.

I thought I was going to have to fight the whole spaceship. I don’t think that would have ended well. But the weirdest thing happened instead. One of them — their leader, I guess — asked if it knew where I was from and how I got my powers. Like it would know anything about that. But then it asked if I knew why I had my powers, and it offered to tell me. It even left some HOG-tech — a communicator, maybe? — in case I ever want to find out. Yeah, right. Like I’m going to ask a bunch of aliens trying to take over the world what they know about Isselbeck and how nuclear radiation causes super strength. There’s no why — I just got lucky.

I’m keeping the HOG-tech for now. Not like I’m going to use it. Maybe it could be useful somehow?

But what if there’s something I don’t know? TG has never really been forthcoming. He’s still pretty messed up over it, I think. So what if he doesn’t know? What if I’m some HOG-powered freak that just got caught up in the blast? Or what if the HOGs were the ones who nuked it? And what if Frog’s right — what if TG does know what I’ve done, and that’s the real reason he hasn’t come back? What if Mai finds out I didn’t come visit her because I was busy putting her dad in the hospital too?

I better get going. I have a couple bucks left. I could buy something in the gift shop at the hospital for Mai and stop in for a minute. That’s one less person who will be pissed at me for no good reason. Plus, I guess I should get a get well soon card for TH. Is that what you do when you put someone in the hospital? And I want him to know that I did it. Sorry I collapsed a floor of a building on top of you. That alien’s dead. Hope you feel better soon. Sure, sounds great. He probably won’t be pissed at all.

I’m doing the right thing. I’m making a difference. I’m saving people. And I’m not a HOG-powered freak.


So, why do I feel like crap now? Why do I feel like I’m the one screwing up and doing everything all wrong? Why do I feel like I’m letting everybody down?



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