Masks: Birth of Heroes

Kamil's Diary 04

Mission 03

Dear Diary,
I can’t remember the last time I’ve been in so much pain. This was not a good night. This was not a good night at all.

Giant robots attacked Continuum City tonight — giant robots with eyes that can melt buildings that even the Sovereign was having a hard time taking down. We decided to go see if we could help evacuate civilians — which should have been a relatively easy, safe job, right? Except we ran into Rose and his friends again. (PS, I need to figure out a clever name for the guy that can create pressure with his hands. Something clever and demeaning. Maybe I’ll just call him Tin Can, because that’s how I felt when he was trying to crush me. And one of these days, assuming the Handyman didn’t kill him, I’m going to return the favor.) Where was I? Oh, yeah. Hard Drive (Frank’s new name) got himself arrested somehow by the CCPD. And the MeDICS showed up to arrest all of us, including Rose and Tin Can and the Handyman.

And then Fyrefly picked a fight with the Handyman for some reason. (She does know he kills people, right?) And then Hard Drive broke out of jail and came back to rescue us from the MeDICS in a squad car — which would have been awesome if he didn’t have a death wish to die either by MeDIC fire or by giant robot eyebeams. I don’t know what the hell he was doing out there. I thought that if I could get Frog, who had been dazed by the MeDICs, to somewhere safe, Fyrefly and Hard Drive would be able to get away on their own. Wrong. So wrong. Hard Drive decided to pick a fight with the giant killer robot (that I would have been more than happy to leave to TS and THM), and for some reason, Fyrefly decided to leave his fate in the hands of a psychopath (THM) rather than try to save him! (Okay, so, technically, I picked a fight with the robot first. But the difference is, it knocked over the building we were trying to escape into, and I was angry. And I wasn’t just going to stand there and let it try to murder me!)

Okay, so I admit, running away might have been the smart thing to do, but we couldn’t just leave Hard Drive there to die! Neither TS nor THM seemed interested in rescuing him, and he sure as hell wasn’t rescuing himself, so somebody had to do something. So I distracted the robot. Kind of like a mosquito distracts a human. It threw me through like three buildings. But it stopped firing it’s death ray at Hard Drive, and that was the point. I’m saying I did good, so there.

And Hard Drive still wouldn’t stop, Diary. He decided to jump onto it’s chest while TS was pulling at one of its arms and THM was trying to blow it up. What. the. hell. If he wants so badly to die, why is he even at the Manor?

I can’t even think straight right now. I’m going to go take some tylenol and a long, hot shower.

Biggest idiot ever. EVER.

Just thought of a better name for Tin Can: Mariana. That’s the deepest part of the ocean, right? Pressure, ocean, something. It’s a girl’s name, and he deserves it, and I don’t know why I’m explaining my thought process to a diary.



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