Masks: Birth of Heroes

Ivy Libra's Speech to Continuum City

or, Why Ivy Libra is Right

People of Continuum City. I am speaking to you not as the Captain of the Metahuman Detainment, Incarceration, and Containment Unit, but as one of your own. As a citizen of this great city, and this great country, and this entire planet. I am speaking as a human.

I have been there, right beside you, as we have watched metahumans of all sort and variety come out of the woodwork. Slowly at first, but soon in streams. I have been on the streets when they battled, and buildings fell. I have walked among you while we watched them scorch the skies and freeze the earth. I have seen the good they can do at their best, and the harm they do the rest of the time.

I am speaking to you as one of your own, and I am telling you that it is time that we stand up and make this city our own again. That for too long, this city has belonged not to us, but to those with abilities that make them see gods when they look in their mirrors. We have let them decide the fates of the city in their battles, their ceaseless battles. The worst of them would kill us all, and try as they might, the best of them can only destroy the others, and the city alongside, piece by piece.

We watched it happen when the golden robots attacked our city. Created by some metahuman genius, no doubt, and then fought by more metahumans, like Sovereign. Eventually, the machines were destroyed, but at what cost? How many lives is too many? How much destruction is too much? When Sovereign stands alone atop a pile of rubble that was our city, will we still call that a victory?

No more. Today, I say to you, no more. The heroes, the villains, all the metas in between — they rule this city no more. We are taking it back. Continuum City will be ours again.

Starting today, as sanctioned by the Mayor of this fair city, by its legislators, and even by the governor of our fair state, MeDIC units throughout the city will engage in radical action against any metahumans previously identified as taking part in unsanctioned illegal violence. It no longer matters whether they claim to protect us or to fight us. We will protect ourselves, now. MeDICs are prepared to incapacitate and incarcerate any who resist. We have plans for introducing metahumans into the ranks of the MeDICs, where they might protect this city while also serving it. But for now, the most important thing that you, the people of this city, need to know is that we are acting for your protection. We are making the metahumans report to you, now, and not the other way around. No longer will lives be lost in violent, chaotic battles with metahumans who act stupidly, without training. Those days will be put behind us, starting today.

Continuum City continues, my friends, but a new day dawns. Our day.

Thank you.



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