Masks: Birth of Heroes

Gen 2.5 Session 1

The overhead speakers order the kids to meet in the briefing room. Apollo is the first to arrive. Realizing he isn’t wearing his costume, he darts out and back in again but is still the first to arrive. Anansi arrives soon after still pulling on his outfit. Bilcer arrives next. Atomica and Ember are still missing when Hephaestus arrives. Bilcer offers to look for them (by stretching her hand through a nearby vent and shifting her perception to said hand) and finds them in Atomica’s room. It’s clear Atomica has just stepped out of the shower and is drying off before putting on her costume. Ember, who is lounging nearby and is flipping through a copy of TMZ, tells Bilcer that perfection can’t be rushed. In complete agreement with this logic, Bilcer takes the message back to Hephaestus, who is considerably less impressed. Bilcer tells them they should probably hurry, so Atomica uses her powers to quickly dry off. Ember slouches into the briefing room last and is confronted by Hephaestus, who tells her that the team leader should always be the first to arrive. Atomica and Bilcer offer a few words of defense, which Hephaestus largely ignores as he berates Ember. She backs down and lets him give his presentation without interruption.

Hephaestus has decided to send them out to round up a rage-filled strongman who is tearing up the city and throwing cars. As the kids file out, he pulls Anansi aside and reminds him to keep his head in the game. Apollo and Atomica are already bickering about whether or not Atomica gives off cancer-causing radiation. Atomica throws something large and heavy in his path, but Apollo is able to swiftly side-step it and continue towards the scene of the attack. Once outside, Anansi hops on his motorbike to get to the scene. Bilcer offers her ship. Ember and Atomica accept, and Ember mutters into the comms about how they should arrive on the scene together — but she’s just the team leader, so why listen to her? Much to her surprise, Apollo returns to the ship and apologizes for running off. They take off…and, en route, Bilcer scoops up Anansi (and his motorbike) into his ship.

En route, they work on their strategy. Ember tells them they should keep the strongman from getting his hands on any “toys” and then they should, “I don’t know, tie him up or something.” Anansi believes they should hit him hard and strong, but saying so out loud turns out to be a mistake, because “That’s exactly what Ember just said.” The flashy ship very quickly gets the attention of the strongman once they arrive on scene, and he decides to throw a car at them by way of a greeting. Atomica manages to zip out of the ship and catch the incoming car, but the force with which it was thrown pushes her back. Once they land, Apollo is out the door and onto the ground. As the rest of the party leaves the ship, he makes himself into a nuisance for the strongman, who eventually rips a streetlight out of the ground and ineffectively tries to squash Apollo with it.

Anansi begins to repel down the side of the building Bilcer landed the ship on. Rather than walk down the stairs, Ember turns the fire escape into a slide. The end of the slide tangles with the strongman’s weapon and rips it away. Bilcer, too, decides to use the slide. As they hit the ground, Atomica returns. She flies the strongman high up into the atmosphere hoping to make him lose consciousness. This works pretty well. But it works just as well on her, unfortunately. As the pair plummet towards the ground, Ember tells Bilcer and Anansi to grab them. Bilcer turns into a pterodactyl, then wraps her wings around Atomica and turns into a gyrocopter with a face to bring Atomica lightly and safely back to the ground. Anansi manages to copy Bilcer’s power of flight. As he’s trying to mimic the strongman’s strength in order to catch him, however, he tugs on the wrong thread…and is suddenly filled with rage and an inhuman strength. Instead of bringing him down gently, Anansi throws the guy into the nearby park.

On the ground, Ember turns to Apollo — but Apollo has vanished and isn’t answering his comm, leaving her to have to hurry over to the park herself. After spending a moment to collect themselves (especially Atomica, who wouldn’t mind terribly if they started to make out), Atomica and Bilcer follow…and arrive just in time for Anansi to hurl a tree at them. Atomica manages to deflect it, and Anansi begins to come out of the blind rage in which he found himself. He’s somewhat confused…and the strongman is getting to his feet again behind him. Since he’s apparently done throwing trees, Ember steps by him and slugs the strongman, whose mass has started to deflate a bit. The media shows up just in time. Atomica suggests they tie him up, so Ember taps a nearby tree limb, which inchworms over to him and binds him. They then turn their attention to Anansi.


Once face to face with the strongman, Apollo was able to quickly determine what was causing the strongman to rampage: Ares. While the rest of the team distracts the strongman (and is, in turn, distracted by the strongman and Atomica falling to their likely deaths), he zips all over the area and is able to track her down. She is rather unimpressed with their efforts so far — after all, she’s doing this for /him/ so that he grows stronger. He asks her to stop; she refuses. So, he picks her up and carries her out of range of the strongman and the group. They stop at a Circle K, unable to continue thanks to Ares draining Apollo’s powers. As Ares brings him a slushie, he texts the group to ask for a pickup.



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