Masks: Birth of Heroes

Gen 2.5 Session 3

Some time has passed since the night of the rave. Scarlet is decontaminating, leaving Ember to amuse herself with drugs and alcohol…which also means hanging out with Mikkel. Bilcer has been spending her time hanging out with Ares, and the pair amuse themselves messing with people. For Anansi, things have been going great. He’s been able to spend a lot of one-on-one time with the Hammer, and it’s just like it used to be! He’s also been avoiding the rest of the team, because he hates them — even Apollo, because Apollo isn’t sharing what’s up with him, and Anansi has taken exception to that. Apollo has been busy participating in a charity race for a children’s hospital against a sleezy hero named Wink. He’s also been considering getting an agent and is polling other heroes (Spark!) about who they recommend. Spark recommends a Tricia Malone to represent him. Unfortunately, the old (dead) Apollos don’t really like this whole finding an agent thing and think he could do the same thing just by being a better hero.

Bilcer is hanging out with Ares at a fashion store when her little nodule starts buzzing. (She has just started a fight between three women, who are now trying to stab each other with their heels.) Ares advises her to ignore it, but Bilcer says she has responsibilities and all that. When she tries to leave, Ares grabs her arm. Bilcer offers to let her see her ship and listen in to the call, because the last time they wanted a DNA sample of Apollo…which definitely gets Ares’s attention. They head up to the roof, where Bilcer has parked her ship. When Bilcer’s advisor appears (he has three eyes!), he immediately chides Bilcer for not getting the DNA sample. If that means she has to kiss Apollo, then that’s what she has to do! She can sense that there’s something wrong back home, and the advisor is panicked about something. The advisor says he can’t fill her in on what’s wrong, because she’s in the past — they just need a sample of Pantheonic DNA. Naturally, Bilcer introduces the advisor to Ares, who isn’t real happy to be pulled onto camera…and less-so when the advisor says that he’ll set the ship for full-dissection mode to harvest what they need from her. Bilcer is weirdly okay with this taking place, because she will be a “hero,” so she slips out of the ship and abandons Ares there.

Mikkel calls Ember to take down the walls of the building. It doesn’t look like much — just an old, abandoned police station. Ember turns the walls into balloons, then pops them. Mikkel’s guys move in, and he tells her to wait outside. Of course, she doesn’t. She pokes at a book on a shelf, and is suprised when the book slides in… The bookshelf dissolves to reveal a sleek-looking elevator and a flashing red light. …Which alerts the Hammer, who summons Anansi in from the yard. Apparently, the place belongs to a friend. Anansi suits up and hurries over with his bike. By the time he gets there, however, Ember has seemingly made the building disappear using trick mirrors. Inside, however, a blue line has appeared, and an intense-looking guy in a blue-black suit with a glowing blue blade and a huge-ass rifle on his back. He leaps on Mikkel and presses his blade against his neck. Hammer recommends Anansi, who is puzzled by the lack of a building, call in the team to deal with this.

Apollo is about to go into a meeting with Tricia Malone, who is very professional. She tells him he needs to pick a cause and that he needs to play on a whole new playing field — with rich, powerful people — and that she’s not here to get his name on a cereal box. She also tells him he needs to either cut ties with the team or bring them in, because she can’t work with how the team currently acts. Two things happen simultaneously: a piercing headache indicating that someone in the Pantheon is under attack, and his phone rings. He can’t answer his head, so he answers his phone. It’s Anansi, and he apologizes for being a dick…which Apollo totally didn’t realize until Anansi owned up to it. When he leaves, he realizes he can connect with the pain in his brain to find out which Pantheon-member is in trouble…and he obviously has to deal with that first, so he sends a message to Anansi indicating he will be late.

Anansi decides to call Bilcer next, who has sent the ship to a different dimension…which immediately makes the pain in Apollo’s head vanish. He tries to reach out to the person who is in pain as he runs…and he loses control of his powers. Glass explodes and cars crash — and there’s even a groove of melted asphalt! — as a sonic wave follows him down the street. He hesitates a moment — should he stop and help those people? — but decides to continue pursuing Ares.

Bilcer, still on the rooftop, takes Anansi’s call and says she’s not busy at the moment. Unfortunately, the ship is busy at the moment…but Bilcer is on the way! She turns into a bird and flies towards the location. As she leaves, Apollo makes it up to the rooftop — and it’s clear she should be there but isn’t. He calls for her, and he can hear her calling his name. He decides to try to reach out to her to get to where she is, so he dimension-shifts and finds Bilcer’s ship above a ruined city and primordal sea…

Inside the building, the blue-armored person’s head opens and scans Mikkel. He stands and turns his attention to Ember, who has started to power up. A hole opens in the mask, and a voice says, “Anomaly must be terminated for the sactity of all timelines.” And then he points a gun at Ember….and her phone rings. Ember ignores it and animates a desk, which charges at the blue-armored person and knocks the gun out of his hand. Ember swiftly moves and picks it up…but the blast misses him and takes out a wall instead, thus revealing the scene to Anansi and the newly-arrived Bilcer.

Anansi watches as the armored person kicks the gun out of Ember’s hand and charges at her with the knife. Anansi jumps in and pulls on the armored person’s thread…and suddenly, both Anansi and the blue armored person disappear. After feeling hot and cold and all sorts of confusing things before landing in a ruined cityscape that is dark and red and cloudy with lightning in the clouds. The person tells Anansi they’re in a tangent — whatever that means.

Mikkel is pressed up against the wall clearly freaked out. His guys come upstairs holding a giant metallic ball with rings around it. Bilcer flies down to investigate. She recognizes the object as a probe from Bilcer’s people — it should be small and adaptable, so something must be wrong with it. With that said, it’s advanced technology, so something bad could happen…especially in the hands of someone like this. She tries to stop them and is told they aren’t dropping it. Bilcer starts to warp to wrap around the probe…until Ember distracts her by getting in her way and grabbing her shoulders. One of the guys creates a portal — a very unstable portal — and the crew disappear inside with Mikkel throwing a salute to Ember.

Apollo decides to punch a hole in the ship to gain entry. Since he declined Bilcer’s offer, he fears Bilcer decided to take what she needs from Ares. As Apollo tears into it, pieces turn into shards to try and stab him, but he is able to fight his way past. Inside, it’s clear that they’re taking her apart one piece at a time. The damage isn’t irreparable yet, but she’s in bad shape and in a lot of pain. He pulls her away from the evil dissection tools to protect her. The advisor appears and tells Apollo the attack is unwarranted. He assumes Bilcer is out doing what Bilcer does. He’d appreciate it if Apollo would stop interfering, because he needs Ares’s pieces to save the future. Apollo tells him he will NOT steal any more Olympians and that if they present evidence, they’ll consider helping them. The advisor is excited to have Apollo present and says they will attempt to explain what they need…but one of the samples has to stay near in order to ensure that they do not slip away. Apollo volunteers to be the person they keep track of, so the ship gives him a pill-sized metallic ball to swallow. They want an answer in 24 hours, and with a whoosh and a whir, it pops back into reality. Apollo tries to ask the ship for help healing her, and a healing pod pops out to help. The pod has MEDICAL BAY written on the side of it and is transparent. Apollo puts Ares inside, but he prepares to break it open in case it starts to hurt her. A friendly read-out pops up to tell him it’s assessing the damage and beginning repair. A faint mist appears in the pod and starts to heal her.

In the tangent, Anansi quickly assesses the situation. The world is a complete wreck around them, and there aren’t many signs of life. In the distance, he watches as a building in the distance collapses on its side accompanied by red light and thunder clashes. It seems to be heading towards them. The armored person looks similarly disoriented by by the sight. The armored person says she was trying to destroy the anomaly that is destroying all of time and space…which actually makes sense to Anansi…and has no idea how to get back. Blue says he brought them to a future that shouldn’t exist…and somehow, Anansi stablized it enough so that they could land there, because Anansi is both dangerous and dumb. When Anansi tries to get them out of there, Blue pushes Anansi back against a wall and tells him, no, don’t make another stupid choice. Probably the best solution is to let Blue plug into Anansi’s power to get them home, since they seem to know what they’re doing. Blue says he needs to access the base of Anansi’s skull. Blue stabs Anansi’s skull and spinal cord with plugs. Suddenly, Anansi can see more of the web than he can ever see before…and he knows exactly how to get them back. The pair appear on the roof where Anansi left his bike (PS, HIS BIKE CAN DRIVE ON WALLS). The cords pull loose, which hurts, and he can see that Blue’s armor has cracked. Anansi is stunned from the travel and can hear Hammer’s voice blaring in his ear demanding answers. Blue pulls off the helmet and reveals a woman! She tells Anansi it isn’t over, and she speaks into her wrist saying “Amanda Lareth, take me home.” And she vanishes. Anansi lets both Apollo and the Hammer know he’s alive.

Inside the building (or what was a building), Bilcer tries to confront Ember. Ember decides to blow her off and picks up the big blue gun, but Bilcer isn’t willing to let her go. A woman drops down onto the street and announces into her watch that there’s an agent on site and there are two suspects present. Bilcer is willing to give herself up, but Ember bolts for the club. The agent apprehends Bilcer using cuffs that lock her in her present form. She tells the agent Ember’s name but isn’t sure who the men were. He uncloaks a nearby vehicle and flies up into the sky.

Apollo is taking Ares back to the warehouse to recover, and then he zips off to help the people his shockwave endangered. And then he goes to turn himself in. He goes to the Spike, which has been repurposed to be a base of operations for the New Exemplars.



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