Masks: Birth of Heroes

Gen 2.5 Session 2

The group reconvenes at the base. Atomica, Ember, and Bilcer take Bilcer’s ship. They’re followed by several news choppers, which Bilcer ignores until Atomica mentions the base is probably supposed to be secret. Bilcer flips a few switches to bounce through a couple dimensions to lose the choppers (by making it look like they crashed into a building.)

Anansi drives out to pick up Apollo at the convenience store, who is pandering to some fans by the time he arrives. Ares sticks around to laugh at Apollo until his departure. The group heads inside (Anansi and Apollo are pretty sure they’re going to get yelled at), except for Bilcer, who is hunting for any traces of Apollo’s DNA on the bike.

After some bickering about whether or not Anansi’s bike is cool, they head inside to the conference room. It takes about 5 minutes for the Hammer to show up. When he does, he’s confused why they’re waiting for him. They point out it’s kind of his go-to move, and he says he does need to talk to Anansi. Ember quips, “About your bike?” He snaps at her, and Atomica leaps to her defense. Anansi storms out of the room.

Bilcer, meanwhile, leans over to talk to Apollo. She tells him that the folks back home are interested in his powers, and she’d like a genetic sample from him. He seems uneasy about the prospect and says he has to talk to his people to see if an inter-galactic/interstellar body fluid exchange is allowed. Or so he claims.

Hammer asks the group if they think they did well. Of course, they say they do. Sure, there were a few setbacks, but they got it done, right? He tells them he doesn’t have any hope for them, and he leaves. Once he goes, Ember suggests they go somewhere. Atomica suggests they wait for Anansi, and the group shares some harsh words about him.

Hammer meets Anansi outside and tells him he shouldn’t let the others get to him, because he has more experience than they do. Yes, he screwed up, but it’s about getting up for the next fight, so he should go in there and be better than those stupid kids.

Apollo sends a message to Mr. Everywhere regarding the body fluid exchange. (It’s not sexual.) He receives an answer immediately informing him that he is not to exchange body fluids with an alien. He breaks the bad news to Bilcer. (Atomica offers some of her’s.) Bilcer instead decides to leap on Apollo with silvery blades bared. (Atomica decides this is a turn-off and no longer wants to trade her fluids.) Apollo tries to get her off of him by vibrating really fast and is aided by Atomica. The vibrations shake up the not-so-solid Bilcer, and it splats her against the wall. The team is pretty horrified. Instead, they offer some of Atomica’s spit in a cup.

Anansi manages to convince them to stay and talk in exchange for going to a rave with them later. He calls out Atomica for her selfish actions in trying to incapacitate the big bad guy by herself, and she points out he also acted selfishly. Turning on Apollo, he asks what happened to him at the end. Apollo apologizes. He asks Bilcer to please not knife anyone else in the future for their body fluids. He says Ember needs to lead and not just let the team fall apart, because that could lead to them getting hurt. Ember confesses to liking the group (for some reason) and says she’ll rip apart anyone who hurts them. Anansi says he gets it, but they need to learn to work together. They learn from him that he respects the Hammer, but he’s stodgy, and he could step up — but he won’t do it, and he doesn’t know why.

The group gets all dressed up (well, some of them) and head to the rave, where Atomica convinces Anansi to dance. Anansi is actually pretty good and offers to teach Atomica. Ember pushes Bilcer in Apollo’s direction after securing a pinky promise that she won’t try to steal any more fluids from him. She tells her to get him to dance while she goes to see a guy about a thing. Ember apologizes for almost running into him, and he apologizes for the whole blood thing.

Ember goes to see Mikkel, who hands her a piece of purple quartz to lick. It feels like lightning on her tongue — and then world seems to dissolve around her showing the sky on fire and giant walking machines opening fire with plasma turrets on citizens fleeing in terror. To get more of it, she agrees to take down the walls of some building for him. Her second taste of it shows a field, fallen buildings, and strangely-colored animal people with cat eyes glaring at her.

Back on the dance floor, Atomica tries to pay Anansi a compliment. He takes offense and decides to storm off to go be a hero, unlike the rest of them. She decides to go find Ember, who has been taking more and more of these little bits of quartz. She seems a little bit dazed. Mikkel takes notice of Scarlet’s approach and, upon learning he’s Ember’s “friend”, he invites her to sit. She resists and tells Ember she wants to leave. Mikkel does his best to convince them to stay, but Ember agrees to leave with Scarlet to the little girl’s room.

A girl approaches Apollo on the floor to tell him her friend thinks he’s cute. He invites Bilcer over to join them too. They head over to one of the walls, where he finds Ares. Since Bilcer is so excited about the chaos of the city, Ares offers to have something happen right now. Apollo thinks it’s a bad idea and tries to drag Bilcer away. The perky goth chick (Dee) rolls up her sleeves and advises them not to go too far. Apollo tries to explain to Bilcer that Ares is bad news and that they should go. Bilcer figures it can’t be that bad and wants to see what she wants to show them, because it could be interesting, fun, and random. Ares calls out to them to get their attention. She puts a hand on Dee’s shoulder, and Dee claps her hands together and causes a wave of panicked fear to go through the crowd, who start trying to flee. Bilcer decides this is not fun, and Apollo is not surprised. Apollo’s goal is to try to stop people from hurting themselves, and then he wants to take out the girls. He rushes forward to snatch up Dee and is trying to move faster than the eye can see to get Dee out of the rave. (He does knock some of them down, sadly.) 3 blocks away, he stops and lets her down and finally gets a proper introduction to her and the other girl…who are both gods as well. They decide to walk back, and Apollo offers to buy her a drink. As soon as Dee is removed, the people in the club calm down but are confused what scared them to start with. Bilcer tells them it wasn’t much fun — it was just annoying. Ares tells Bilcer that it doesn’t matter if other people are having fun — the point is to play, and you can either be the one doing the playing or be the one getting played with (like Apollo.) She gives Bilcer her number and invites her to call her. (And Brendan hates how cool kids are.) Once the pair of them leave, Bilcer jumps up onto the DJ booth and uses her power of stunning beauty to get everyone to start dancing again. Dee tells Apollo he owes her a drink and falls into line beside Phee and Ares.

In the bathroom, Atomica rants about how much of a jerk Anansi is, and Ember reassures her that it’s because some people can’t handle dancing with pretty girls. Ember tells her she should forget about Anansi, get fucked up, and go back to dancing with Ember. Also, try this drug. Looking in the bathroom mirror, Atomica sees her hair lengthen and features age. She can tell she’s wearing a military uniform. She offers Atomica a nightmarish smile before the vision fades. Atomica runs to Ember’s arms and cries as Ember tries to reassure her.



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