Masks: Birth of Heroes

Fyrefy's journal

The day the city went crazy

So…It’s been about a week since the Robot attack….and Chance finally showed back up. And…I apologized…and for a moment he was decent….then went back to insulting me again. And we’re al about to have dinner together, when from outside we hear over a loudspeaker, for all metahumans to lay down. The MeDIcks are finally taking over the city.

I tell Frog to Teleport Chance out of there, cause the rest can travel pretty well on our own, and I need to go secure the Gentleman’s files on us….and the Handyman. But then Frog teleports the entire room 5 rooftops away! And I have to try and sneak back to get the files!…Then they catch me in an energy net…and when Frank tries to rescue me, they deactivate him like he’s some machine, Damn jerks! And he had just finally apologized for being such an ass.

So as I’m laying on the rooftop, writhign and screaming in agony, waiting for my best friend to come to the rescue….she never appears. Instead we’re hauld into the back of one of the tanks, and Captain Ivy Libra appears to take custody over us. Well…lucky for us. It was just Chance disguised as her. Though he leaves us in our respective containment devices….what a nice guy, I’m so glad I apologized to him.

Then he stops outside a Krispy Kreme, and wants us to go inside with him…while he still looks like the Queen bitch of the city that tried to kidnap us! Screw Him! I’m not gonna hang around for his show boating to draw the MeDicks attention and swarm upon him. So Frank and I storm off heading back to my place.

And of course, Dad’s not there. He’s almost never there anymore. So I start texting Bash…then I just give up and call her. and what do I find out. She told Chance my real name! My best friend, ratted out my Identty, to the one guy on our team, that has mocked and degraded me constantly. First she ignores me last week when I tell her to get out of there, then leaves me behind for the MeDicks, now this! Apparently the Gentleman is right….don’t trust anyone.

If it weren’t for Hard Drive/Frank…I don’t know what I would have done that night. He uploaded so much information to the News…all about all of the illegal weapons the MeDicks use…the same people that said they were rounding up ‘threats’ to the city for the city’s own good. Take that you annoying bitch.

God, I hope Dad comes home…I’ve got to tell him, that we need to relocate….because that Bitch probably has the gentleman’s files on us now.



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