Masks: Birth of Heroes

Chance's Tweets

Chance Back at the lab, without a mic to grab. Yeah, hanging out with the Gentleman’s Irregulars. Nothing much changed #sameasiteverwas

Chance Stop the Press! Flutterbye just apologized to me? Wow, that was weird. Happy weird, but weird. I feel craptastic about the way I treated her. #nowimtheasshole

Chance Want to apologize back to Flutterbye, but then it sounds like “me, too” BS. I’ll catch her l8r, work it out. #somethinglikethat #suckatapologies

Chance Hah! Mac n cheese FTW! Bash is so sweet. Frog said she was hurt, but she looks supah badass to me, as always. #bashfanboy

Chance Wow, just got back, and Med-DICKS are here? WTF? Srsly? GTFO! Hate you guys. YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! #meddickssux #ihateIvy

Chance Who don’t love the po-lice? Thanks, guys. You’re the real heroes of Continuum City! Taking care of kids instead of shooting at them. MedDICKS, take note! #meddickssux #ihateIvy

Chance Hey Ivy, turnabouts fair play, beeyotch! What’s this truck do anyways? Fifty, tops? #meddickssux #ihateIvy

Chance Who wants donuts?!?! #donuts

Chance No, srsly, who wants donuts? #donuts

Chance fukaduk. HD and Flutterbye didn’t want my donuts. They’re pissed at me. I don’t. I don’t even. #friendlessagain #breakup #sadness

Chance Time for a pick-up. OMW Bash and Froggie! #cruising

Chance Check the ride. Wanna selfie with the biggest beeyotch in town? C’mere, who loves ya, baby? #meddickssux #ihateIvy

Chance Wait, no! Not YOUR PHONE, BASH!!!! Where r u goingggggg? #brokenhearted #Bashfanboy

Chance Frog’s leaving. Bash is pissed at me for… I dunno, breathing or something? I thought I was the hero? I thought. Just whatever. #dazedandconfused

Chance Hey Mom, I’m baaaack. #returnofthemack

Chance Oh look. It’s Ivy. and the MedDICKS. There goes the neighborhood. #meddickssux #ihateIvy

Chance Worst. Day. Ever.



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